RAISE Your Business – Full Course Program

RAISE Your Business Full Course Program

Wherever you are on your business journey, this You Can RAISE Your Business program is laser-focused on your long-term success and wellbeing.

Join the tens of thousands of people just like you who have benefited from the advice, habits, processes, tools and advocacy of Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker – one of the global business community’s most passionate devotees of sustainable business and personal growth.

In RAISE Your Business, Stalkie and his talented RAISE coaching team deliver a series of ‘how-to’ practical blueprints, peppered with on-demand videos and engaging interactive exercises that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to start, re-set or upscale their business.

It’s the only business program available that aligns positive psychology and mindset with business strategy and processes.

RAISE Your Business contains a plethora of real and juicy examples, case studies and proven tools to help you taste best practise and avoid the costly mistakes that Business Schools don’t tell you.

In just 12 x 90-minute courses you can learn how to:

  • Create a purposeful, innovative, high engagement culture from day one using the assets you already have, playing to you and your team’s skills and strengths:
  • Define and understand your ideal target audience, where they hang out and identify the most effective marketing platforms to reach out to them
  • Bring your big ideas alive and encourage strategies that focus on meeting your clients’ needs and solving their problems
  • Put in place the fundamental processes and disciplines critical to the smooth running of a meaningful, significant business
  • Enjoy a flourishing, sustainable business life based on good profit whilst making a valuable contribution to the prosperity and welfare of your colleagues, clients and community



Full program includes:

  • 10 Courses
  • 209 Lessons
  • 109 Exercises & quizzes
  • 81 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 30+ Hours of coaching material

What You’ll Learn:

RAISE Your Business Course 1Your Heritage and Unique Selling Proposition:

How to create your compelling heritage, brand story and Unique Selling Proposition in 5 easy steps

RAISE Your Business Course 2How to Make Mission and Vision the Rocks of Your Business:

How to define your why? and how? and bring them alive in everything your business does

RAISE Your Business Course 3Why Core Values Are Your Business’s True North

The 5 big benefits of core values and 12 secrets of how to embed them into the personality, culture and sustainable growth of your business

RAISE Your Business Course 4The 10 Daily Behaviours Guaranteed to Bolster Belief in Your Business

Discover the 10 psychological must-have behaviours of self-belief, how to goal-set and apply them daily in your business

RAISE Your Business Course 5How to Nail Your Irresistible Business Offering in 6 Simple Steps

Getting your offering right is the dynamo that will convert your energy into sales – learn the fool proof model for wowing and winning loyal clients

RAISE Your Business Course 6Your 6 Step Sequence to Proactively & Ethically Smashing Your Sales Targets

How to use the RAISE 6-step process to increase quote conversion, transaction value and frequency, lifetime value of each client, margin and recommendations

RAISE Your Business Course 7How to Use Customer Feedback & Measurement to Upscale Profit

How to build highly engaged customers and sustainable profit using 3 trailblazing techniques to gather and measure high quality data, insights and feedback

RAISE Your Business Course 8How to use Colleague Feedback & Measurement to Upscale Your People

How to use 6 tools to measure and create highly engaged colleagues – the backbone to building a successfully, sustainable and joyful culture

RAISE Your Business Course 9 – Accountability!How to Make Sure You, Your Colleagues and Your Clients Get the Right Things Done!

How to build a massively effective accountability strategy for you to develop, grow and manage your colleagues

RAISE Your Business Course 10How to Present with Passion, Authenticity & Pizzazz

How to achieve a brilliant presenter’s mindset, how to use the neuroscience of storytelling together with 16 hacks to master your audience

RAISE Your Business Course 11How to Sizzle Your Digital and Online Presence

5steps and 9 tools to build a digital marketing strategy to attract, convert, close and delight visitors to your website, socials and blog

RAISE Your Business Course 12Your Money Matters! 7 Terrific Triggers to Drive Profitability

7 key financial management habits, from business plan and cashflow to getting clients to pay on time, which your business needs to fuel profitability and growth.