You Can RAISE Your Game – An Attitude to Gratitude + Live

Who this RAISE ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Course is for:

If you want to be happy and fulfilled in all aspects of your life, understanding the power of gratitude will transform your thinking forever.

Using real life insights from psychological science, this RAISE – Attitude of Gratitude course explains the proven benefits of a gratitude mindset and how to make it a positive driver of your mental health and wellbeing.



Course includes:

  • 19 Lessons
  • 7 Exercises & quizzes
  • 8 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 10 Daily hacks
  • 90 minutes to complete

What You’ll Learn:

  • The impact that your mood has on the quality of your life and everybody around you
  • The psychological science of gratitude
  • What your current beliefs and actions are around gratitude
  • How brain training can empower you to rethink and reframe challenging situations
  • How to use your focus, physiology and language to drive positive mental health and wellbeing
  • 10 daily RAISE hacks to practically apply an attitude of gratitude into your life