You Can RAISE Your Game – Ignite Your Self-Belief

Who this RAISE ‘Ignite Your Self Belief’ Course is for:

You will never achieve your full potential, positive mental and physical health if you don’t believe you can.

Using real life insights from psychological and physiological science, this RAISE – Ignite Your Self Belief course explains how to stack up your self-belief and motivate yourself to make positive changes in your life.



Course includes:

  • 22 Lessons
  • 10 Exercises & quizzes
  • 13 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 10 Daily hacks
  • 90 – 120 minutes to complete

What You’ll Learn:

  • Assess where you are now and goal-set where you want to be in your home life, social life and work life and in your mental and physical health
  • The psychological science behind self-belief
  • How internal and external factors shape self-belief
  • Understand the mental and physical damage caused by negative self-belief versus the benefits of positive self-belief
  • Explore how to unlock and give free rein to your positive self-belief in all aspects of your life
  • 10 daily RAISE hacks to motivate yourself and practically apply positive self-belief in your life