You Can RAISE Your Game – Praise Your Game Now

Who this RAISE ‘Praise Your Game Now’ Course is for:

Are you stuck? Are you burning up belief, time and energy in things you don’t enjoy and are not good at?

Using real life insights and tools from psychological science, this RAISE – Praise Your Game Now course explores how to look for the good in yourself, soar with your strengths and manage your weaknesses to boost your self-esteem, mental health, wellbeing and growth.



Course includes:

  • 15 Lessons
  • 6 Exercises & quizzes
  • 9 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 10 Daily hacks
  • 90 Minutes to complete

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the mental and physical consequences of low self-esteem and the benefits of positive self-esteem
  • The psychological science and research behind ‘what you focus on, you feel’
  • How to identify and play to your strengths
  • How to identify and manage your weaknesses
  • The power of looking for the good and catching yourself doing things right
  • How to grow your strengths and attract success through positive internal dialogue and visualisation
  • 10 daily RAISE hacks to practically apply positive psychology in your life