You Can RAISE Your Game – Take The Power Back + Live

Who this RAISE ‘Take the Power Back’ Course is for:

If you desire optimum positive mental health and wellbeing, your behaviour and actions not only need to be authentic but you must also take accountability for them.

Using real life insights from psychological science, this RAISE – Take the Power Back course explains how to choose your best response in any situation and maximise your personal power.



Course includes:

  • 11 Lessons
  • 3 Exercises & quizzes
  • 7 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 6 Daily hacks
  • 75 minutes to complete

What You’ll Learn:

  •  Why we give our power away to other people, relationships and events ‘beyond our control’
  • The psychological science and consequences of blame, helplessness and low self-esteem
  • What your current relationship is with your self-power
  • How to motivate and boost faith in your ability to take the best course of action in any situation
  • The benefits of personal accountability and how to achieve it
  • 10 daily RAISE hacks to practically apply self-power into your life