You Can RAISE Your Game – You Can Be An Influencer

Who this RAISE ‘You Can Be an Influencer’ Course is for:

Do you want to improve your ability to become a compelling communicator? Do you want the skills to read body language, instantly rapport build, take control of awkward conversations and positively influence those around you?

Using real life insights and tools from psychological science, this RAISE – ‘Influencer’ course will teach you how to take your understanding and application of communication to the next level in just 60 minutes.



Course includes:

  • 15 Lessons
  • 5 Exercises & quizzes
  • 6 Punchy on-demand videos
  • 10 Daily hacks
  • Just 60 minutes to complete

What You’ll Learn:

  • The psychological science and research behind communication
  • The 3 key elements of communication – words, tone and body language
  • How to use the 3 key elements of communication to influence awkward conversations and realign unwanted behaviour
  • How to recognise different learning styles and adapt your communication to them
  • How to use your communication skills to rapport build and positively influence people
  • 10 daily RAISE hacks to practically apply powerful communication and influence in your life